C-IQ Certification


  1. Elevate the quality of conversations across an entire team or organization
  2. Create positive change in an organization
  3. Enable people to embrace and navigate change in healthy ways
  4. Prevent rituals that become toxic over time
  5. Improve team success ratios


Our goal is to certify individuals who are driving change within an organization and are interested in elevating Conversational Intelligence.

  • Executives
  • Coaches
  • Trainers employed by client companies
  • Human resource professionals
  • Talent management professionals
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Internal consultants

Our goal is to certify Executives, Consultants, Coaches, OD Professional and Trainers who work inside of companies and who are interested in elevating Conversational Intelligence in their organizations.


We can certify you on-site at your offices, or at our Certification center in Norwalk Connecticut.


2 days


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Our Conversational Intelligence® Certification is designed to enable leaders and teams to elevate the quality of conversations, and create positive change within their organization. Certification is uniquely positioned to help leaders, and HR Executives to influence the workplace culture, and the conversations that take place in an organization – bringing the organization to the next level of greatness.

We are continually adding to the depth and breadth of our programs and Certification by including the most up to date research, pioneering insights and provocative applications from the fields of Neuroscience and Anthropology.

Our CreatingWE® Institutes around the world, along with our Benchmark Communications, Inc. Consulting Team of highly skilled practitioners will certify individuals, teams and organizations in our core disciplines.

A Conversational Intelligence Certified Practitioner (Individual or Corporation) will demonstrate:

  • Mastery of WE-Centric leadership skills
  • Mastery of Conversational Intelligence and its applications to elevating Individual, team and Organizationa l Success.
  • Personal Awareness and skills necessary to create positive change and transformation in their organization.

The Certification and Immersion Process

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
An interview with the organization to define the applications and desired outcomes Design of a customer tailored intervention with the Conversational Intelligence Certification a part of the design process Internal Consultants, Coaches and Executives experience the Certification Work with Benchmark Communications, Inc. on the integration of C–IQ in a Transformational Agenda for immersing the organization in experiencing C-IQ and its application to elevating business success
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